The birth of triplets is usually considered a blessing, but not for a petty trader Shola Babalola, whose children and wife have remained in the hospital since February 19.

Babalola, a recharge card vendor, presently needs a total of N1,185,711 to offset medical bills incurred during the birth of their triplet as well as daily incubator and other treatments they had received from birth to March 21.

The man who said he had expended all the capital for his small scale business in catering for them at Ayodele Medical Centre on Iju Road, Fagba, has appealed to good spirited Nigerians and the government to come to his aid so that he could take his family home.

“I do not know what to do anymore. I do not know how or where to raise the money. If i do not pay, my wife and children will not leave the hospital.

“She gave birth on February 19 to three children and they were put in the incubator. The bill for incubator is N7,500 per baby per day. Then, the hospital charged N450,000 for my wife’s (Folasade) surgery of which I paid N361,000.

“But the bills have accumulated again and the total as of March 21 is N1,185,711. Where will I get that kind of money from? Already, I have used up the capital for our recharge card business to take care of them.

“I have been going to relatives and neighbours to appeal for support so we could at least feed but I am afraid because my family will not leave the hospital when they are discharged if I do not pay the money.

“That is why I am begging Nigerians to help me. The triplets are our first children. The doctor said they might be discharged this week. I am desperate and helpless. Please, the hospital can be contacted for confirmation. You can see the bills of the babies prepared seperately. Please come to my rescue,” he pleaded.


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