Residents of Ajoki and Ajamimogha communities in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government of Edo State have expressed their readiness to protect Sahara Energy’s facilities and operations amid disruption campaigns planned by neighboring communities.

They also commended Sahara Energy for its numerous Corporate Social Responsibility projects and contributions to the development of their communities.

Bethel Obioma, Sahara Energy spokesman, made the the disclosure on Tuesday in Lagos.

Obioma noted that the communities had continued to experience a “cordial, peaceful and beneficial relationship” with Sahara Energy that was widely acknowledged and commended by all stakeholders.

He said the residents acknowledged that Sahara Energy had lived up to its responsibilities by providing social amenities to them.

Obioma said the Youth Chairman for Ajoki community, Isaac Ajatiton, had said they were at peace with the operations of Sahara Energy because many of their youths had been employed.

Ajatiton was quoted by Obioma as having said: “What we want is development and such could only happen when there is peace between the firms and host communities.

“Sahara Energy has helped to extend electricity to our communities, provide scholarships to deserving students and facilitated the provision of medical care for the elderly.

“We are very happy with Sahara Energy operations. The company has no problem in our community. Most of the things we asked them to do have been done.”

The statement quoted the spokesman for Ajamimogha and Trustee President, Bawo Otikpere, as saying they were prepared to protect facilities of Sahara Energy and other oil firms in their community.

Otikpere said it was to show appreciation for the good work of the oil firms.

“We have received many good things from Sahara Energy. Our people are happy and we want them to do more,” he said.

As part of its host community’s capacity development and youth empowerment projects, Sahara had continued to drive economic growth through the award of service contracts and supply of materials and equipment required for the company’s operations to indigenes.

“Sahara has over 60 running service contracts with community contractors and several other purchase orders in addition to several vocational training and capacity building initiatives,” the statement said.


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