Nigerian Customs Officials

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has confirmed that against the policy of Dangote Group, its drivers were often involved in smuggling activities.

The Area Comptroller in charge of Niger/Kwara/Kogi, Yusuf Abba-Kassim said most of the drivers caught smuggling with Dangote trucks do so without the knowledge or authorization of the office.

Abba-Kassim made the revelation while parading a seized Dangote truck carrying 520 bags of rice which was impounded by the Customs for smuggling along Mokwa-Jebba road.

“This is not the only Dangote vehicle arrested, there are a lot of the drivers of Dangote vehicles who get themselves involved in smuggling.

“These drivers, after delivering their consignment of cement get involved in smuggling without the knowledge or authorization of the company. So arresting these vehicles does not mean Dangote is involved in smuggling,” he said.

The Comptroller further explained that the management of Dangote group were aware of the sharp practices of the drivers and had signed an undertaking with the Customs that they were not into smuggling.

“The management of Dangote have signed an undertaking with the Management of the Nigeria Customs that the smuggling is without the knowledge of the company and if any of its vehicles are seized, the drivers should be arrested but the trucks should be released back to them,” he added.


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